Asian Newspaper Under Fire for ‘I Hate Blacks’ Column – Asian Newspaper Under Fire for ‘I Hate Blacks’ Column – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

San Francisco’s Asian community is up in arms over a newspaper column titled “Why I Hate Blacks” that appeared last week in a weekly newspaper geared to Asian Americans, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

In Kenneth Eng’s column for AsianWeek, a paper that bills itself as “The Voice of Asian Americans,” the self-described “Asian supremacist” goes through his list of “reasons” why he believes discrimination against African Americans is OK.

Click here to read the Chronicle’s story.

“The publication of these racist statements is completely irresponsible and damaging to all our communities,” said Gen Fujioka, program director of the Asian Law Caucus. “Not only should there be a retraction but a serious effort to repair the harm caused.”

The Chronicle reported that the offensive column has been removed from the paper’s Web site, though copies of the paper were still available in the city’s news boxes on Monday.

The paper “sincerely regrets any offense caused by the one opinion piece which reflected that author’s personal views,” according to a statement printed in the Chronicle. “We apologize for any harm or hurt this has caused the African American community. AsianWeek has great respect for all that the African American community has done for Asian Pacific Americans.”

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