“Quietly, but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA 10 lane super highway, four football fields wide through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth. Minn. [Read]

Unbeknownst to the general public because of a “George W. edict” we became a part of the North American Union. Sieg Heil!

“This plan appears to have been assembled under the watchful eye of U.S government agencies, dozens of state agencies, and scores of private non-governmental organizations working behind the scenes to create this NAFTA super highway, despite the lack of comment by President Bush. The American public is largely asleep to this key piece of the coming North American Union that government planners in the new trilateral region of the United States, Canada and Mexico are about to drive into reality” (Quoted from article by Jerome R Corsi in Human Events, posted January 12, 2006).

The road is to be electronically checked only by the new “SENTRI” system. There is confidence in the security of the system because it will be located at off ramps and along the parallel pipelines for it entire length and it will be four football fields wide, according to Mr. Corsi’s report. The intent is to eventually run the road through Central and South America.


Here is a list of the suspects…with photos and bios.



  1. Is there a projected completion date or a time schedule for each phase of the project?

  2. Investigating the specifics. Look for updates.

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