At least 66 killed in India train blast…”act of terrorism”

By Y.P. Rajesh

DEEWANA, India (Reuters) – Two homemade bombs exploded aboard a train bound from India to Pakistan sparking a fire that killed at least 66 passengers on Monday in what the Indian government called an “act of terrorism”.

Most of the victims were Pakistanis but included some Indians and three railway policemen, said officials who described the attack as an apparent attempt to undermine the peace process between the nuclear-armed rivals.

Two other unexploded homemade bombs were also found on the train.

Television pictures showed one large plastic suitcase with wires and a plastic bottle attached. Another was stuffed with plastic bottles, which officials said contained some kind of flammable liquid.

Police said while the explosions were small, they were apparently intended to cause a deadly fire on at least four of the train’s coaches.

“It’s sabotage — it’s an act of terrorism like the one in Mumbai,” Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav told reporters, referring to serial bomb blasts in Mumbai last July that killed 186 people.

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