Are Jihadists training in America?

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Is Group Training Jihadis in the U.S. & Australia?

Are Muslims training for jihad in the U.S. and Australia? Possibly. They are called “Silat Mubai” and they are dedicated to teaching people “the classical Warrior Traditions of the Muslim people.”

Whenever someone advertises as “Islamic military training” a red flag should go up. When that same group claims they don’t support terrorism BUT

Muqawama (Resistance) operations and Martyrdom operations against foreign occupation forces in Muslim lands are what we consider to be legitimate Military operations

then be VERY worried.In other words: bin Laden, we don’t support. Jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan: our kind of people!

While the main group seems to be located in Taiwan, they also offer “Islamic warrior training” in Australia and the United States. There emphasis is on martial arts training, but they also have weapons training.

Here is an image of “Emir Ekrem” showing his moves to an audience in Melbourne, Australia. Notice the keffiyas, the symbol of Palestinian “resistance”, being worn by two of his students.

silatmumbaitraining.jpgOn one non-Islamic forum, a participant claimed he had been trained by the group in Taiwan and that they welcomed non-Muslims. Another says that he had been in contact with Silat Mubai in Taiwan and that they were not jihadists.This, combined with the fact that some of their American devotees do not appear to be Muslims, suggests that the group falls into the category of “Muslim nationalists”. That is, while not primarily motivated by religioun per se, they do identify with Muslims in any Muslim vs. non-Muslim political struggle. Terrorist groups such as the PLO fall into this category in my classification scheme.

But not personally being a jihadist and helping train jihadists or openly supporting them is quite another thing.

The “head trainer” for Silat Mubai, in this forum, is quick to disavow killing civilians, but goes on to say:

Strapping a bomb on yourself and running into an enemy convoy is what a real Mujahid does.

Another picture of “training” from their website.

silatmumbaitraining2.jpgThe group also encourages Muslims to fight against the U.S. and Australia in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. And remember, this is their public stance:

If there are those Mujuhideen who decide to join their brothers in Iraq to fight against the occupation forces, then they are justified in doing so to relieve the people of foreign occupation and to institute a proper Islamic government, God Willing. No one can stop them from going to fight to protect the lands of Muslims who are being attacked. It is their right to do so and as long as they follow the guidelines of the Warrior Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, then they will win by martyrdom or by victory. One as excellent as the other.

Then also identify who the enemy true is:

If an American/Israeli/Russian/British or any other foreign occupation Soldier drops sick and injured on my doorstep, I will pay a doctor to take care of him and bring him to full strength again. In the future if we meet in combat I will kill him or he will kill me and I will not think twice about slitting his throat or putting a bullet into his heart at that time.

Remember, this is an Australian Muslim making the statement. The Australians are fighting side by side with the U.S. in Iraq. Isn’t that sedition? To encourage Muslims to go and kill your own countrymen?While the groups activities seem to be centered in Australia and Taiwan, they also have “trainers” in the United States. I won’t mention any more details about them, because it looks that of the four names that have been affiliated with the group in the past, two of them appear to be non-Muslims (one actively serving in the U.S. military) who’s only connection was that they shared an interest in martial arts. A third I have no information on.

The last affiliate in the U.S. comes off as a very liberal Sufi— of a school of thought that many Muslims would consider heretical because they are so liberal— on a forum he posted to in the past. Like many Muslims, he defends the extremism of Silat Mubai’s founder as simply a “devout Muslilm” who happens to share a different view than he. In this case, though, “devout Muslim” translates into supporter of jihad.

We’ll continue looking into the U.S. connection and get back when we know more.

Thanks so much to Bobby for doing much of the leg work for this post.

By Dr. Rusty Shackleford at February 16, 2007 05:29 PM

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  1. See, the problem with this article is it makes the same mistake most people are making. They can’t tell the difference between Muslims who want to defend Muslim lands against foreign invasions, and global jihadists who want to topple the West and erect a new Caliphate over all Muslim lands.

    It would seem that people today consider any Muslim who DARES to use violence to defend himself a “terrorist”. This part of what I see as the “stupidthink” that is gripping much of our nation right now. The absolute refusal to distinguish between al Qaeda, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, the Mehdi Army, and so on and so on. To folks like this, one towelhead is the same as another, and any towelhead who doesn’t absolutely and completely renounce violence, even in self-defense, is a terrorist.

    With one exception, of course. Muslims who are at least nominally on our side ARE allowed to use violence to defend themselves against other Muslims. As long as they’re only killing Muslims, it’s considered to be OK.

  2. An excellent commentary by Creosote, as usual. I disagree that “most people” are engaging in “stupidthink”. I think the average person is engaged in two activites, awareness and education.

    Discuss it further here…

  3. I’ve moved this discussion to the Chase Forum…A link is at the end of the original post.

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