WP: McCain taps cash he sought to limit

This one in a list of wide and varied reasons you have no shot at the Presidency, John.  Do us all a favor and quit now.  A “real conservative’ could put that money to good use working to defeat you friends in the Democrat Party. 

WP: McCain taps cash he sought to limit – washingtonpost.com Highlights – MSNBC.com
Just about a year and a half ago, Sen. John McCain went to court to try to curtail the influence of a group to which A. Jerrold Perenchio gave $9 million, saying it was trying to “evade and violate” new campaign laws with voter ads ahead of the midterm elections.

As McCain launches his own presidential campaign, however, he is counting on Perenchio, the founder of the Univision Spanish-language media empire, to raise millions of dollars as co-chairman of the Arizona Republican’s national finance committee.

In his early efforts to secure the support of the Republican establishment he has frequently bucked, McCain has embraced some of the same political-money figures, forces and tactics he pilloried during a 15-year crusade to reduce the influence of big donors, fundraisers and lobbyists in elections. That includes enlisting the support of Washington lobbyists as well as key players in the fundraising machine that helped President Bush defeat McCain in the 2000 Republican primaries.



  1. Sigh, Mr. McCain….another in a long list of people who decided that in order to beat ’em, join ’em.

  2. Enjoyed your post the last few days. We invite join to join our forum. If you are so inclined.

  3. The idea of the biggest goofoff at Annapolis becoming President is disgusting. His grandfather and father were high ranking officers in the US Navy but that is no reason to give him the kind of privileges he received at the academy. If people know the facts about Mr. McCain, they will not elect him. The problem is 70% of the electorate sucks up the Spin and pays no attention to the Facts. McCain is the ultimate example of an Opportunist who is nearly as smooth as W.J. Clinton and his Lady MacBeth!

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