U.S. mulls release of intel on Tehran – Politics – MSNBC.com

Herein lies the ironic duality of “The boy who cried wolf”.  While filled with a somewhat  naive understanding of his charge the sheperd boy was perhaps over-zealous in the disposition of his duties.  However, does that negate the importance of the sheep’s safety or the danger posed by the wolves?  Who’s got it wrong here?  The sheperd boy or the village?

U.S. mulls release of intel on Tehran – Politics – MSNBC.com
Updated: 1 hour, 15 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – The Bush administration is haunted by the history of intelligence blunders about Saddam Hussein’s supposed weapons of mass destruction as the United States tries to document that Iran is providing lethal help to Iraqi fighters.

After weeks of preparation and revisions, U.S. officials are preparing to detail evidence supporting administration’s claims of Iran’s meddlesome and deadly activities. A briefing was scheduled Sunday in Baghdad.

The Iran dossier, some 200 pages thick in its classified form, was revised heavily after officials decided it was not ready for release as planned last month. What is made public probably would be short, and shorter on details than the administration recently had suggested.

No one who has seen the files has suggested the evidence is thin. But senior officials — gun-shy after the drubbing the administration took for the faulty intelligence leading to the 2003 Iraq invasion — were underwhelmed by the packaging.



  1. Iran right now is the elephant in the room. We know they’re help the Iraqi insurgency. We know they’re moving full bore toward nuclear weapons. We know the moment they go online with nukes, they’ll hold us hostage to give into various and sundry demands, or they’ll hit Israel, as they’ve promised to do anyway.

    The problem is, Iran’s not stupid. They know they can move behind the scenes; delaying, obfuscating, deceiving. Their moves can be out of the public eye. Meanwhile, EVERYONE sees what America is doing. Between the New York Times tipping off all to our government’s covert activities, a media at home and abroad determined to make America look bad at every turn, and a government that can’t seem to get a vision straight for what it wants, we actually are getting whupped by Iran from a public relations standpoint as they most definitely prepare for war.

  2. Nice post. Love to have you come join the forum.

  3. Haha, everyone is seeing what america is doing.

    We saw them sneaking into Putin’s bedroom too. Good that he wasn’t making love at that time.

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