Israeli Cabinet Orders Construction Near Temple Mount to Continue

Here’s an update on the situation at Temple Mount. Looks like Israel is going to push ahead with the work. I’m searching for something on the Palestians position, but haven’t found anything yet. When I do, youi’ll be the firs to know.


JERUSALEM — The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday ordered construction work to proceed on a ramp leading to a disputed holy site in Jerusalem, despite objections from the Muslim world and two days of violent Palestinian protests.

Ahead of the vote, workmen returned under heavy guard to the site in the walled Old City after a break Saturday for the Jewish Sabbath.

Tensions in the city have been high since last week, when Israel began work outside the compound known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as the Temple Mount. The new walkway is meant to replace an ancient earthen ramp that partially collapsed in a snowstorm three years ago. Israel says the work, about 60 yards from the compound, will not hurt Muslim holy sites.

With its vote Sunday, the Cabinet decided overwhelmingly to continue with the project. There were no objections to the decision, the government said in a statement, though three ministers abstained. According to a participant in the meeting, the three were from the dovish Labor Party and included the Cabinet’s only Muslim minister.


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