Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam and CAIR. Not what you would think, huh?

We here at “The Chase” hope to follow up on this woman’s story and provide updates. Once CAIR gets involved, the rhetoric will surely intensify.

By WILLIAM C. MANN, Associated Press Writer, 2/10/07

WASHINGTON — As a child, Ayaan Hirsi Ali fled violence in Somalia with her family. As an adult she fled Kenya to escape an arranged marriage. She left her adopted Holland after she was caught up in political turmoil and had her life threatened.

Now Hirsi Ali ,a brave critic of Islam to her supporters, a bigot to her critics, has found refuge in the intellectual bastion of leading U.S. conservatives.

Hirsi Ali joined the American Enterprise Institute last September, after a sometimes stormy 14 years in the Netherlands, where she was a member of parliament and became a central figure in two events that jolted the nation.

First, after she wrote a script for a film that depicted naked women with Quranic verses scrawled on their bodies, a Dutch-born Muslim gunned down the filmmaker, Theo van Gogh. A letter threatening Hirsi Ali was left on a knife plunged into van Gogh’s chest.

Next, a fight within Hirsi Ali’s political party over her Dutch citizenship brought down the government.

These days, Hirsi Ali is promoting her autobiography, “Infidel.” It gives a graphic account of how she rejected her faith and the violence she says was inflicted on her in the name of Islam.

I’m an apostate. That’s why the book is called ‘Infidel,’” she said in a telephone interview from New York

The Council on American-Islamic Relations thinks Hirsi Ali’s campaign amounts to slander and bigotry.

We believe that she will bring an increase to the level of anti-Muslim bias in this country that we saw her bring to the situation in Europe,” the council’s communications director, Ibrahim Hooper, said in an interview Saturday. “Unfortunately her message is one of bigotry, not one of mutual understanding.”




  1. At least the women speak out and not allow themselves to be labeled stupid as Allah said they are. What kind of a god would create women stupid when he said we are all created perfect.
    What kind of a god allows little girls to have their vaginas cut out by holy men of the god of liars. DO UNTO MUSLIMS BEFORE THEY DO UNTO YOU. INFIDEL 1:1

    Now Muslims must obey Allah and destroy, follow Muhammad and have sex with little girls, marry for 2 hours and pay the female
    Sura 4:24, and not be friends with Jews and Christians Sura 5:51,and how can you interfaith with apes and pigs. Sura 5:60.

    Allah for Arabs was named Ar-Rahman, as allah only means god. The Allah of Mecca fame was named Shiva and Durga of Hinduism.
    Allah was female form of god and Allat was the male form. So it should be Allat akbar.

  3. […] stor is remarkable Anyone who thinks they understand Islam should read this womans story. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam and CAIR. Not what you would think, huh? Cut to the Chase __________________ Losing Faith in Humanity, One Person at a Time. WARNING: Does not play well […]

  4. Arab Girl

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  5. Ayaan growing up with a culture freek for a grandmother and an abusive mother and a absent father – I wonder what Islam you think you grew up with or know. You absolutly don’t have a clue of what being a true beliver is. Remember sister Ayesha – ” are you Muslim”? Have you submitted to the laws of your creator – no you never did thus not qualified to comment on Islam – only on a rather sad cultural upbringing in the land of your birth Somalia. I’m a Muslim women and gladly submit to the laws of my creator because I am created – I never just happened into exsistance and I know that everthing around me has a pulse and a purpose – so look forward to a year after as I know deep down you know exist!!! Why have you sold your soul for this short term of life on earth? Remember when you fight the truth, truth will defeat you – remember Haste is truly a form of madness. To think that Holand seemed to be your heaven on earth – strange is it not that they never truly excepted you only used used and you never realised that even to the very end – at at what a price – never knowing what’s it’s like to really have freedom. You have enslaved yourself to a constant state of fear and this still on earth!!! You still have time – repentance is medicine.

    Nazley Fataar

  6. I think that she is free to believe in whaty she want , but it does not need to slander islam when you do not knew what is it , please try to read quran with a neutral brain and eyes. Islam is not that bad things which i always read on the net. muslim were killrd every where in the world without any drop of tear, but when a non – muslim is killed by a muslim , it is the end of the world and the whole world should collects his weapons against that terrorist, why ???????

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