Anna Nicole Smith- Death of a Junkie

I like to think that I’m a reasonable person. That I can be tolerant of others diversions. But after 12 straight hours of non-stop coverage, I can’t take the Anna Nicole drama any longer without throwing in my two cents. So here goes…

Anna Nicole Smith was a stripper. Her only claim to fame. She died unceremoniously, a junkie and a whore, in a casino hotel. Junkie whores with illigitame children die every day in America without comment. So Smith’s death, while tragic and sad, is not very newsworthy once you remove the fact that she was one a thousands who are simply famous for being famous.

Here’s what else happened yesterday…The US and North Korea moved closer to an agreement over Nuclear Power, The Palestinians agreed in principle to move toward a unity governmemt, Violence Erupted at Temple Mount as Muslims protested repair work near the Dome of the Rock. That’s just world politics.

What does it say about our populace that their voracious appetite for a peek into the lives of junkies, prostitutes, drunkards and morons is so strong that it can drive the media to provide this fare ad nausem in leiu of actual news?

A NOTE TO LIBERALS: Many of you like to claim that Islamic hatred of the west is seeded in the interventionist policies of the Republican Admistration. Here’s some food for thought. Perhaps Muslims, devoutly religious, are deeply offended by the debauchery routinely beamed to them by your friends in the media and Hollywood. Simply consider that their attitude toward us may, at least in part, not be based on what we do ‘over there’ but how we live ‘over here’.

NOTE TO CONSERVATIVES: Over the past few years, scores of you have called on ‘everyday’ Muslims to denounce the actions of a few as not representing their beliefs or lifestyle. Anytime someone attempts to defend Islam as not fully radicalized, the cry of “Then why don’t the moderates stand up for what THEY believe, are they cowards?” is resounded. Well, here’s the deal. The perception of the US is perpetuated throughout the world in the images of our lifestyle that the new electronic globalism promulgates. It is a false perception, IMO. So drop the the double standard and do what you challenge others to do. Stand up and declare “This lionization of the ammoral does not represent me.”

Say what you mean and mean what you say!



  1. Could be that you are a tolerant person, but being subjected to twelve hours of Anna Nicole Smith coverage is the fault of none but yourself. Go somewhere else for your information. Moreover, trashing the recently deceased doesn’t exactly give you the moral high ground necessary to talk about priorities, and the problems with the populace at large.

  2. I don’t agree with LGS assesment. I have experienced the same level of media attention ANS is getting. While tuning in after dinner to the major cable networks for world news and events, I am constantly seeing interviews with every swinging speculator how claim to know all about her. Major media has a responsibility to it’s viewers to provide newsworthy events.
    What has trashing trash got to do with moral high ground?
    If LGS’s priority is obsessed with ANS,Britney, Paris and Lindsay, that’s just fine.
    Us regular folk look beyond that for more important current events.
    That’s all I’m going to say about that Forrest!

    Da Devil


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