2008 Democratic hopefuls call for Iraq war’s end

Now in power in Congress, and 4 years into the Iraq campaign, the Dems plan for success…”Let’s talk about it”.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Six Democratic presidential hopefuls courted party leaders on Friday with calls to end the Iraq war but offered divergent views on how to do it, saying the debate would be a crucial test of Democratic leadership.

In separate appearances before nearly 400 members of the Democratic National Committee and hundreds of other activists who jammed a hotel ballroom, the 2008 White House contenders said Democrats in Congress must find a way to pressure President George W. Bush to stop the war.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, who has been criticized for her 2002 vote authorizing the war and for being slow to turn against the conflict, promised to bring U.S. troops home if she was elected to the White House.

“If we in Congress don’t end this war before January 2009, as president I will,” she said, speaking loudly at times to be heard over a few anti-war hecklers.

“I understand the frustration and outrage,” she said. “If I had been president in October of 2002, I would not have started this war.”

Clinton said a looming vote in Congress on a nonbinding resolution against Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq “would be the first time we have said no to Bush.”

Several other candidates said U.S. voters who put Democrats in control of Congress in November’s election expected more.




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