U.S. to NATO allies: raise your game on Afghanistan

Until they get bitch slapped by terrorists and come running to Daddy for help. My frustation with the US-rest of the world relationship continues to mount. It’s a mirror oof my children. You are a big dope and overly mean and controlling until they need something. Then, all of a sudden, it’s “Daddy, I LOVE YOU”. My message to NATO is the same as to my children….Step Up, Stand Up, Pull your weight, Get a job and get out of my face…Because I have work to do.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will bring pledges of more troops and aid for Afghanistan to NATO talks on Friday and tell allies they too must raise their game to see off the Taliban.

But U.S. frustration at what Washington sees is a lack of commitment by European partners is unlikely to be assuaged immediately, with few signs that others will make big new offers of their own at the Brussels meeting.

“This is not a force generation conference or a donors’ conference,” said one NATO official ahead of the talks, called by Rice to inject new vigor into the alliance’s peace effort and the slow process of rebuilding the country.

While several NATO nations were believed to be assessing the scope for raising troops, none was likely to be ready to make an announcement in Brussels, another alliance source said.


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