The ‘Real’ Inconvenient Truth

The US is clearly waging a zionist war against Muslims with it’s one side support for Israel. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain. And, whatever you do, don’t do the math on US aid to Arab countries as compared to Isreal. I wouldn’t want your brain to bleed when faced with the truth. Please, continue on your merry way preaching against the US hatred of Islam.
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Four people were shot dead in clashes between pro- and anti-government activists in Lebanon on Thursday, overshadowing a $7.6 billion aid deal by international donors to shore up the U.S.-backed government.

Two opposition students and two other people were shot dead and 100 were injured, many by gunfire, at Beirut’s Arab University, security sources said.

The Lebanese army declared a night curfew in Beirut after the clashes and leaders of both sides appealed for calm.

A campaign led by Hezbollah and Shi’ite and Christian allies against the government, which is struggling to recover from last year’s war with Israel, has raised tensions between Sunnis and Shi’ites in Lebanon, still recovering from a 1975-90 civil war.



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