President’s State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON (CP) – President George W. Bush faced skeptical Democrats on Tuesday with a state of the union address that called for progress on domestic programs, in spite of widespread anger about his troop increase in Iraq.For the first time in Bush’s six years as president, Democrats who control Congress will dominate the Capitol Hill audience, filled too with plenty of Republicans breaking ranks with an unpopular leader who has angered war-weary Americans. “I congratulate the Democratic majority,” Bush said in excerpts released by the White House in advance of the speech.

This blog’s commentary to follow….


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  1. I was hoping to provide some insightful analysis o last night’s speech. Unfortunately, our fearless leader provided very little of substance to analyze. In his seventh address, the President provided a steady diet of the same old fare, plenty of sizzle-no steak.

    I so have the following observations….

    Did Jhn Kerry not bathe? It certainly seemed none of hoa colleagues wanted to get too close.

    I watched on FOX. It was intesting that they chose the ‘right’ camera angle to catch what appeared to be unamimous standing ‘Os’.

    Was Nancy Pelosi eating her dinner? She kept chawing on somethnig and licking her lips. It was very distracting.

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