The Victims in the WoT…And their Heroes

This story was hijacked from another site <sorry>.  Whenever possible, we will try to bring you accounts from service members in the field.

I participated in delivering food supplies to 200 homeless Afghan families. These folks are refugees who fled their mountain villages in the North due to the Taliban retreat, and now can’t go home until the area becomes safe. The government has no place for them and no programs to sustain them, so we assist via USAID and through other charitable organizations. The building you see in the pictures I’ve attached have no electricity, no heat, no running water, and no real windows. The windows are barely covered with shrink wrap and old blankets since there is no glass in them. All 200 families get their water from a single water faucet located 500 feet from the building.
Most of the adults are either sick, elderly, or in some way incapacitated, so the older children end up doing most of the daily work. It’s pretty depressing. We saw a girl about 18-months old carried outside by her roughly 6-year old brother. She had no socks or shoes and her feet were literally blue and frozen to the touch. Myself and a Navy LCDR are going to spearhead a socks/shoes drive to help these kids out.

The pictures aren’t all bleak. We had fun with the kids and even got into a snowball fight. Some of those kids would do well on a baseball team! Their faces lit up when we pulled in to give them enough food provisions to last for two weeks. All in all, mission accomplished.


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